SAC Codes for Services

Section NumberService Heading Number Group Number SAC Code Service Detail Service Description
Section 5Construction Services995499543995435Site Preparation ServicesOther Site Preparation Services N.e.c

Code 995435 is used for the Other Site Preparation Services N.e.c under Services Accounting Codes (SAC Codes) for Goods and Service Tax classification. This service comes under Site Preparation Services, Section 5 - Construction Services. Heading number of this service is 9954 and the group number is 99543. These codes are mandatory mapping or classification of services that need to be used by a taxpayer.

SAC (Services Accounting Code) are used for the identification of the service.SAC indicates specific code tends to reduce the possibility of misinterpretation. SAC in respect of the supply of services while HSN code in respect of the supply of goods. There will be no need for entering the description of the goods or services while filing GST returns online.


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