HSN Codes for Goods & Service Tax

4100090 edbl prdcts othr than turtle eggs salanganes of anml orgn nesor included

Code 4100090 are used for the products Edbl Prdcts Othr Than Turtle Eggs Salanganes Of Anml Orgn Nesor Included under HSN (Harmonised System of Nomenclature) for Goods and Service Tax classification. These codes are mandatory mapping/classification of goods that need to be used by a taxpayer.

HSN codes make things easy for identification. This is basically for goods and services making things recognisable via specific HSN code. HSN codes are globally acceptable which resultantly has possibilities of misinterpretation tend to reduce. HSN code in respect of the supply of goods and Services Accounting Code in respect of the supply of services will have to be uploaded, and there will be no need for entering the description of the goods or services while filing GST returns online.


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