Furskin and Artificial Fur, Manufacturers Thereof

Chapter Chapter Name Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
Furskin and
artificial fur;
- - -
1. 4301 Raw
furskins, including
heads, tails, paws and
other pieces or
cuttings, suitable for
furriers' use), other
than raw hides and
skins of heading
4101, 4102 or 4103;
of mink, of lamb, of
fox, etc.
2. 4302 Tanned or
dressed furskins
(including heads,
tails, paws and other
pieces or cuttings),
unassembled, or
assembled (without
the addition of other
materials) other than
those of heading
4303; such as Calf
skins, with hair on,
tanned or dressed,
Hides or skins of
other bovine and
equine animals with
hair on, tanned or
dressed, etc.
3. 4304 Artificial fur;
Artificial fur as
trimmings and
embellishments for
garments, made ups,
knitwear, plastic and
leather goods.
All goods not specified
1. 4303 Articles of
apparel, clothing
accessories and other
articles of furskin.
2. 4304 Articles of
artificial fur.



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