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  • Now You can Obtain for Composition Scheme till 16 August

    Now You can Obtain for Composition Scheme till 16

    23 July 2017               By GSTBazaar

    On 21st July government extended the deadline for registering under the GST composition scheme to 16th August. This step is taken by the government in order to make sure that all the small business entities that were not able to obtain registration under this scheme earlier, can now opt for this ....

  • Foodies have Good News after GST

    Foodies have Good News after GST

    22 July 2017               By GSTBazaar

    GST introduction has made things more reliable and transparent. Prices of Restaurant have been slashed in Pune by 5-10 percent. After GST rollout had been slight hike in the rate. Meeting have been conducted with GST Commission with Pune based hoteliers and urged them to reduce their base prices ....

  • GST will Bring Achhe Din

    GST will Bring Achhe Din

    21 July 2017               By GSTBazaar

    Goods and Services is a new tax system in India. GST will make tax system simpler in India. Since, all the indirect tax have been subsumed to make single indirect tax GST. GST introduction will bring good days. This is the statement given by the government. It has been more than 15 days since GST ....

  • What is GSTR-9 and How to File It?

    What is GSTR-9 and How to File It?

    28 March 2019               By GSTBazaar

    GST or Goods and services tax have included several different forms of GST returns and annual returns that might be a hassle to file, but are important nonetheless. There has been a recent composition scheme for the GST holders. For them, the annual return is to be filed through the Form GSTR-9. ....

  • How to file an Appeal under GST?

    How to file an Appeal under GST?

    01 August 2017               By GSTBazaar

    In some cases, the taxpayer or the department might not agree with the adjudication order passed by the tax officer. Thus, a dispute arises between them. To solve these kinds of disputes proper channels of appeals are provided by the statute. In case a person or the department is aggrieved by the ....

  • Procedure and Criteria for TDS under GST

    Procedure and Criteria for TDS under GST

    30 July 2017               By GSTBazaar

    Tax deducted at the source is the provision by which tax is collected from the source where the income gets generated. It is the tax liability of the recipient of goods and services which he disposes of at the time of making payment to the supplier. It facilitates the collection of tax at the tim ....

  • Impact of GST on Real Estate Sector

    Impact of GST on Real Estate Sector

    01 August 2017               By GSTBazaar

    Good and service tax regime is expected to bring some significant changes in the real estate market of India. The Indian real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors. In India, real estate is the second largest employer after agriculture and is slated to grow by 30 per cent o ....

  • Impact of GST on Small E-commerce Vendors

    Impact of GST on Small E-commerce Vendors

    29 July 2017               By GSTBazaar

    While goods and service tax regime is expected to boost the growth of the Indian economy the e-commerce sector is being adversely impacted by this new regime. India’s e-commerce sector is all set to become the world second largest market in the time of less than two decades. It is also one ....

  • Impacts of GST on Imports and Exports

    Impacts of GST on Imports and Exports

    28 July 2017               By GSTBazaar

    Earlier number of taxes like service tax, excise duty and customs duty was levied on the imports and exports of goods and services. But with the introduction of GST, all the multiple taxes will be unified into one tax. However, customs duty is not covered under the GST regime thus it will continu ....

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Goods and Service Tax a destination-based tax on consumption of goods and services. It is proposed to be levied at all stages right from manufacture up to final consumption with credit of taxes paid at previous stages available as setoff.Download this free guide to help you understand the important facts related to GST



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Under GST regime, each and every invoice shall be uploaded on GSTN portal to generate reference no. before making supply.

Quarterly Return

There are 3 monthly returns which are required to be filed on the basis of invoices uploaded. (GSTR 1, 2 & 3)

Annual Return

There is one annual return as well which is also required to be filed with FORM GST REG-09


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are exempted from GST Registration?

The following shall not be required to obtain registration, and will be allotted a UIN (Unique Identification Number) instead. They can receive refund of taxes on notified supplies of goods/services received by them: 

  • Any specialised agency of UNO (United Nations Organisation) or any multilateral financial institution and organisation notified under the United Nations Act, 1947 
  • Consulate or Embassy of foreign countries
  • Any other person notified by the Board/Commissioner
  • The central government or state government may, based on the recommendation of the  GST council, notify exemption from registration to specific persons.

For login to the GST Common Portal, can I use the username and password which I use to login as State Registrant?

No, you cannot use the username or password that you use to login to the State VAT Portal. For the first time login to the GST Common Portal, you need to provide the username and password that you received from the State VAT or Centre Tax Department. For subsequent login, you need to create a username and password during enrolment at the GST Common Portal. You can then use the username and password that you created to login at the GST Common Portal.

Who are GST Suvidha Provider or GSP?

GSTN has developed a robust platform for taxpayers to access the GST Systems, however, that would not be the only way for interacting with the GST system as the taxpayer via his choice of third party applications, which will provide all user interfaces and convenience via desktop, mobile, other interfaces, will be able to interact with the GST system. The third party applications will connect with GST system via secure GST system APIs. All such applications are expected to be developed by third party service providers who have been given a generic name, GST Suvidha Provider or GSP.

How will business returns be filed under GST Law?

Under the GST law, a normal taxpayer will be required to furnish three returns monthly and one annual return. Similarly, there are separate returns for a taxpayer registered under the composition scheme and a taxpayer registered as an Input Service Distributor.

How long will take to get refund of GST?

If application for refund of CGST, IGST or SGST is in order with supporting documents, amount of refund of GST is granted within 90 days from the date of application for refund.

What is GSTIN?

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is a 15 digits state-wise PAN-based number to be used to identify businesses registered under GST.

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